Episode 4 – Part 1: So Who is this Lady?

In this episode I talk a bit about myself. I want you the listeners to know a bit more about me the host. In this first part I talk about my Hurricane Katrina Story.

Tips on Emergency Planning


How the New Orleans Saints revived New Orleans (this is my uncle in this video)


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Episode 3: Podcasting, Sports & Mental Health

This is my interview with friend & fellow podcaster Vanda of “The Tight Ends Podcast”. Enjoy!!

Where to find more on Vanda & Tight Ends Podcast

Vanda’s Tips on Managing Depression

  1. Start with your family doctor – Getting the help you need and be honest
  2. You don’t have to cure this
  3. Talk to yourself as you would a friend – you are not a failure
  4. Managing your SENSS (S – Sleep; E – Exercise; N – Nutrition; S – Social support; S – Service to others – helps to break from focusing for yourself)
  5. Don’t Wait until your in the pit; Check in with those close to you – are there signs your headed down to the pit?

Helpful Books

Running with mindfulness https://www.amazon.com/Running-Mindfulness-Dynamic-Low-mood-Depression/dp/0735219796

Out of the Blue: A Practical Guide to Overcoming & Preventing Depression by Adrienne Green


Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/

Episode 2 is live!!!

Episode 2 is live on Podbean, Apple Podcasts and all other podcast platforms

This episode contains my interview with Bishop Robert C. Blakes (RC Blakes Jr.) who talks about coping with and overcoming disasters. Enjoy!!

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