Comments from Corey

On this episode I sat down with my college friend Corey Daniels to talk how he got into the world of information security and a host of hot topics

Outline for Interview

Intro – Welcome to the Podcast

  • How we know each other

Main interview

  • A bit about Corey’s Background
  • how you got into information security
  • Being open
  • What its like being and independent contractor
  • Independent vs Government employees

Tips for others

Other hot topics

  • Quarantine chronicles how have you been managing during the pandemic
  • DC vibes: The energy changes of the various presidential administrations Bush to Biden
  • Thoughts on how Kamala is doing so far;
  • Queen Elizabeth & The Royals – thought on the Harry Meghan interview; death of Prince Philip
  • How privileged are you quiz

Outro – Ways to follow Corey