Episode 3: Podcasting, Sports & Mental Health

This is my interview with friend & fellow podcaster Vanda of “The Tight Ends Podcast”. Enjoy!!

Where to find more on Vanda & Tight Ends Podcast

Vanda’s Tips on Managing Depression

  1. Start with your family doctor – Getting the help you need and be honest
  2. You don’t have to cure this
  3. Talk to yourself as you would a friend – you are not a failure
  4. Managing your SENSS (S – Sleep; E – Exercise; N – Nutrition; S – Social support; S – Service to others – helps to break from focusing for yourself)
  5. Don’t Wait until your in the pit; Check in with those close to you – are there signs your headed down to the pit?

Helpful Books

Running with mindfulness https://www.amazon.com/Running-Mindfulness-Dynamic-Low-mood-Depression/dp/0735219796

Out of the Blue: A Practical Guide to Overcoming & Preventing Depression by Adrienne Green


Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com/