Embrace the Grind

On this episode I sat down the Rod Gilmore of ESPN. We chatted about how he got into the competitive world of sports broadcasting and how he is living his life with cancer (Multiple Myeloma)

Outline for Interview

Intro – Welcome to the Podcast

Main Interview


Let’s Talk About It

On this episode I sat down with Dr. Blair “Prof” Condoll of Dillard University & Oliver “OT” Thomas WBOK’s The Good Morning Show to talk a ton of hot topics.

Outline for Podcast Interview


Main interview – Hot topics


  • Tune in to WBOK 1230 AM 7am -10am CST to catch Prof & OT every weekday

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Safe Spaces in Music & Beyond

Interview Outline & Show notes 

On this episode I sat down with Lee Koonce President & Artistic Director of Gateways Music Festival. We talk about his journey from permonance to art administration. We also talk about safe spaces for people of African descent in music and other places, as well as a host of other topics.

Intro – Welcome to Podcast


– How we know each other

– Lee’s professional background

Main interview topics:

– How you got into the world of the arts

– Why not just do the performance side

– Tips for others interested in this field

– What is the Gateways Music Festival & why is it so important

– Other hot topics

– Comments of why diversity, equity and inclusion are important in the fine arts


Lee to plug any upcoming events/ projects/website/social media

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Orchestra Diversity beyond instruments

Interview Outline & Show notes 

On this episode I sat down with Ariel Shelton Davis of the Kennedy Center. We talk about her journey from musician to art administration. We also had a open discussion of the state of diversity in mainstream orchestras today as well as some the work she and others are doing to change this landscape.

Intro – Welcome to Podcast


Main Interview

How Ariel got into the world of the arts cultural organizer & Social impact

Tips for others interested in this field


Ariel to plug any upcoming events/ projects/website/social media

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You Can’t Microwave Wine

Interview Outline:

On this episode I sat down with former corporate executive & my father, Troy Henry.  We talked about his ascent in “Corporate America” and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur. 

Intro – Welcome Mr. Troy Henry

 – A little about Troy & how we know each other.

Main Interview

  • Troy’s educational & professional background; how did he get into corporate world.
  • How was it climbing the corporate ladder as an African American in the 80s & 90s?
  • What made Troy leave the corporate world and branch out on his own?
  • What challenges do you face as an entrepreneur/ business owner (especially as an African American)?
  • Tips for others starting out as an entrepreneur.

Outro – any upcoming projects or things to promote for Troy.

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COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 5

COVID -19 Mini Series Part 5 – Outline 

Intro – Welcome Dr. Sholas

Background on Dr.  Sholas

  • How we know each other – we are just truly meeting 😊
  • Professional Background
  • Maurice Sholas, MD, PhD, is a physician entrepreneur who provides care for children with physical disabilities and as an administrator uses his voice to elevate marginalized communities in healthcare.

Main Interview Outline

Dr. Sholas Social Media & Contact Info

All social media platforms at @DocMoSho or at www.DocMoSho.com  

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COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 4

COVID -19 Mini Series Part 4 – Outline 


– Welcome to the podcast
– Background on Nicole & how we know each other

– Viruses & how the works (especially the COVID-19 Virus)

– Info about the vaccine & importance of this & other vaccines


– How to increase diversity in clinical trials (including COVID19 Trials)

– Implicit bias medical system & your work on developing an implicit bias program


 Nicole Social Media

Twitter: @studentdoc_cole

Instagram: colescreppel

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COVID-19 Mini-Series: Part 3

COVID-19 Interview Outline

On this episdoe I sat down with Dr. Edward J. Trapido, ScD, FACE.

Dr. Trapido is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the Louisiana State University School of Public Health.

We discussed what the research is telling us about COVID-19, thoughts on how the US & Louisiana are handling the virus & thought on the COVID-19 vaccines.

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